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Since 1983 Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has had people of all ages and from all walks of life grow their character, strength, and discipline in the most challenging and rewarding martial arts program in the Kansas City area!



For 35 years, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has offered fun, diverse, and engaging martial arts academies that opens its doors to everyone in Kansas City KS area. With a program that connects martial arts training to fitness, education, and life skills, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts stands as the leading martial arts academy in Olathe KS and Overland Park KS. Click below to learn about what we have to offer at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts:

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Kansas City KS

Since 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Kansas City KS has offered world-class training that combines Korean martial arts and physical fitness. Students of all ages and from all walks of life grow their character, strength, and discipline in the most challenging and rewarding martial arts program in all of the Kansas City KS area.

Our innovative martial arts instruction and fitness training that emphasizes what the student does right, Tiger Rock Martial Arts physically and mentally challenges each student to not only be the best martial artist they can be, but the best person as well.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also offers year round competitions. Prove yourself against other fine martial artists from across Alabama and the country with Fall, Spring, and Summer tournaments.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Kansas City KS offers convenient class schedules 6 days a week. Depending on the day, students are able to take part in classes midday, late afternoon, or evening.

Enjoy great programs at Tiger-Rock. Tiger Rock Martial Arts features four programs for different age groups — the Tiger Cubs for early ages, the Juniors for elementary and middle school kids, the Youth program for junior high and high school students, and the Adults program.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts proves it is the definitive martial arts academy in the Kansas City area by having world class, experienced instructors that will provide you the proper guidance on your martial arts journey.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has two convenient locations in the Kansas City area — in Olathe KS and Overland Park KS!

Choose any three of our locations to receive world-class martial arts instruction and begin your journey to black belt and beyond!

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Start at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today by enrolling in our Introductory Course. This special beginners’ course includes:

  • Three official martial arts lessons
  • A complimentary official training uniform
  • Official performance evaluation