Kids Martial Arts Classes in Olathe and Overland Park

After your child enrolls in a kids martial arts at one of our academies in Olathe and Overland Park, you’re going to notice an incredible transformation.

Not only will they become stronger and healthier, but you’re going to see them become more confident and well-behaved. They will also be able to better handle certain situations, especially when it comes to self-defense.

Tiger-Rock’s kids martial arts classes are structured to help your child grow in strength, focus, and discipline.

Three incredible kids martial arts programs

Tiger-Cubs—Our Tiger-Cubs Program is for 4- and 5-year-old students. Students in this age-group learn the basics of martial arts instructions. Exercises in these 30 minute classes include symmetrical movements, kicking drills, and striking drills. Most importantly, Tiger-Cubs learn the importance of following directions.

Juniors—Designed for 6- to 11-year-old kids, our Junior Program features kicking drills, striking exercises, and anti-bullying education. Juniors learn the value of focus, respect for authority, and discipline. Overall, we aim to instill values of good citizenship, personal responsibility, and always doing the right thing.

Youth—Finally, our Youth Program focuses on preparing middle school and high school students for the most formidable years of their life. This program is more than just martial arts exercises and drills. We teach important techniques in regards to real-world self-defense. Moreover, we promote values such as leadership, responsibility, and courtesy.

We are a different kind of martial arts academy

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers classes for students ages 4 to 15. We focus on three key areas: physical fitness, self-defense, and life skills.

Physical Fitness

Tiger-Rock’s kids martial arts classes balances ancient Korean traditions with the latest developments in physical fitness. As such, students will participate in drills and exercises that help build core muscles, enhance motor skills, and improve their health. As a result, our young martial artists get a great workout while in our fun and exciting classes.


As you know, we live in a society that can be unpredictable. That’s why it is important that your child knows how to respond in certain situations, especially if it requires them to defend themselves. Students will learn stranger awareness as well as conflict resolution, including dealing with bullies. We teach students how to defend themselves safely and effectively.

Life Skills

At the heart of our training is helping students with personal growth and development. Our drills and exercises center on helping students improve their focus and discipline. In addition, we teach values in good citizenship, using good judgment, and exhibiting leadership. In short, your child will pick up numerous life skills of the course of training at our academy; lessons that will help them not only today, but also in the days ahead.

Frequently asked questions about our kids martial arts classes

Is it safe?

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts classes are indeed physical, just like any other martial arts program. However, safety is always first and foremost on the minds of our instructors. Our Certified Instructors are experienced martial artists that know how to provide a safe, fun environment for young students. In fact, all receive yearly First-Aid training, in addition to annually renewing their training certification.

How will my child benefit?

Martial arts training yields benefits such as more discipline, better focus, and improved physical health. As a result, parents have reported that their child has exhibited improved behavior, academic performance, and social skills. Plus, martial arts is an incredibly fun activity that keeps kids active and provides an additional learning environment.

Are there additional activities?

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Olathe and Overland Park offers incredibly fun activities from time to time in addition to martial arts training. Moreover, students get to participate in belt advancement opportunities and exciting local, regional, and national tournaments.